FOI Request - Staff Home Working

Request 101003013488

I would like to understand if the council is looking to encourage home working after the pandemic.

1. Does the council have a hot desking policy?
2. Did the council use a hybrid model of home working and office working in 2020, before the pandemic?
3. In a hybrid model how many office seats to staff ratio (people that use PC’s not gardeners etc.) did you have before the pandemic?
4. Is the council continuing with Hybrid Model of home working and office working or looking to dismantle after the pandemic i.e from 24th of March 2022?
5. If the council is continuing with the Hybrid model what is its target office seats to staff ratio?

Response 04-04-2022

1. Not a specific hot desking policy but have a flexible working policy which incorporates hot desking.

2. Yes, but not specifically called a hybrid model at that time - again within the overall flexible working policy.

3. It was 7 seats :10 people ratio

4. Continuing. 

5. Still to be determined as currently all aspects being considered to frame the longer term position; however currently operating on an up to 30% office space allocation.

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