FOI Request - Textile Recycling Policy

Request 101003028717

Could you please confirm the following;
1 - Please supply a list of your recycling sites which are currently in operation.
2 - Does the council have an approved textile contractor/partner? If so what is the name(s)?
3 - What are the inception and expiry dates of contract between the council and it’s textile recycling contractor/partner?
4 - What is the fee charged by the council under the tender contract between itself and it’s textile recycling partner?
5- Which recycling companies bid for the last tender?
6 - Please supply a list of the final destination of recovered waste material that is collected under the contract?
7 - What was the weight of duvets and pillows which so far has been collected by the contractor/partner under the contract?
8 - Where are duvets and pillows exported after they have been recovered?

Response 05-04-2022

1 -Permit/License No Address Type of Facility

WML/N/0020113 Gollachy Recycling Centre, Golf View Road, Buckie AB56 5BE Household Waste Recycling Centre
WML/N/0020180 Balloch Rd Recycling Centre, Balloch Road, Keith AB55 5EN Household Waste Recycling Centre
WML/N/0050073 Waterford Recycling Centre, Waterford Road, Forres IV36 1TN Household Waste Recycling Centre & Transfer Station
WML/N/0220309 Chanonry Recycling Centre, Chanonry Road South, Elgin, IV30 6NG Household Waste Recycling Centre
PPC/N/0020028 Nether Dallachy Landfill Site, Beaufighter Rd, Spey Bay, Moray IV32 7PL Household Waste Recycling Centre & Landfill Site

2 - Nathan Wastesavers

3 - 2017, contract to be reviewed later on this coming financial year

4 - Variable

5- Salvation Army and Nathan Wastesavers

6 - 85% Reuse is sorted and graded in our factory in Denny, end destinations are Ghana/Kenya/Gabon.

The 12 % recycled is as follows:
4% we cut for wiper clothes in Denny for the oil and gas industry.
8% is sent to John Cottons Group Ltd, West Yorkshire,  for Mattress filling/carpet underlay/noise insulation.
3% rejected material

7 - Nathan Wastesavers deposit any collected duvets/pillows at our household waste recycling centres for us to dispose of as general waste, no individual weights are available

8 - Not exported, currently sent to landfill for disposal

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