FOI Request - MIPIM Exhibition 2022

Request 101003028481

This is a request for information under the Freedom of Information Act. This request relates to MIPIM 2022, a 4-day real estate exhibition, conference and networking event gathering held in Cannes, France, from 15th-18th March 2022. I would like to request the following information:

(1) Please provide a list of council representatives (including councillors) who attended MIPIM 2022. Please provide their full name and position at the council.   

(2) For each council representative’s trip to attend MIPIM 2022, please provide the following:

- The date and duration of the trip
- The reasons why the council representative attended MIPIM 2022
- The cost of the MIPIM 2022 trip (please provide a breakdown of costs, including travel costs, accommodation costs and expenses)
- Please state whether the council met the costs of the MIPIM 2022 trip, or whether an individual, group, company, consortium, charity or another organisation met the costs. Please provide the full name of the individual, group, company, charity or organisation that met the costs.  

(3) For each council representative that attended MIPIM 2022, please indicate whether they attended (a) meetings held by companies (b) private events held by companies (c) breakfasts/lunches/dinners held by companies. For each meeting/private event/breakfast/lunch/dinner, please name the company involved and provide a description as to what was discussed.  

I would like to receive the information electronically.


Response 30-03-2022


We can confirm that none of our officers or elected members attended this exhibition.

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