FOI Request - Children's Health And Wellbeing Census 2021/2022

Request 101003027711

I am emailing to request the following information about the Scottish Government's Children's health and wellbeing census for 2021/2022 within your local authority:

1) Is the local authority participating in the census with its pupils?

2) How many pupils in the authority have completed the census?

3) Did the authority modify any of the questions asked in the census?

4) Have any educational establishments refused to take part in the census?

5) Request for all communication to the authority with concerns about the census from external or internal sources.


Response 13-04-2022

1) Yes.

2) Zero. For the purpose of being helpful we can advise that only S4 & S5 leavers and S6 are completing it before the end of April.  All other year groups will complete it by the end of June.

3) Yes. All sexual health questions removed from S4, 5 & 6 questionnaires (the only questionnaires with sexual health questions). Additional questions added about health choices e.g sports participated in and community questions about use of outdoor spaces, access to garden etc. to inform children's services plan.

4) No.

5)  One concern raised by a parent: ‘[the parent] would also appreciate confirmation that the sex questionnaire for senior pupils has not been issued in Moray, as [the parent] feels very strongly that this was completely inappropriate and ‘creepy’.’

The response stated that:

‘This is an Education Scotland programme that schools follow. Prior to the roll out of this programme, schools have sent information on the programme out to parents via an email with relevant links for each year group, and an opportunity to contact the school for a further discussion if there were any questions or concerns.

The school is happy to support parents in understanding the programme, and if parents feel strongly that their child is not to  participate in certain aspects of the programme for various reasons, they can request their child is withdrawn’.

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