FOI Request - Campus Police Officer

Request 101003027537

1. Over the last ten years, segmented by financial year, what has been the cost to the local authority to partner with Police Scotland to have Campus/School-based Police Officer (“Campus Cops”) based on campuses in this local authority?
2. Has Pupil Equity Funding (PEF) been used in the local authority to pay for the Campus/School-based Police Officer partnership? If so, please confirm by cost and financial year?
3. What is the duration of any contract currently in place between the local authority and Police Scotland for the provision of Campus/School-based Police Officers?
4. Segmented by year, how many interventions by Campus/School-based Police Officers using Police powers involving pupils have taken place on school property?
5. Segmented by year, how many of those interventions have led to the pupil involved being referred to the Vulnerable Persons Database?
6. Please provide the CRWIA governing the Campus/School-based Police Officer programme in your local authority.
7. Please outline how and when children and young people, and their families, were involved in any discussion about whether to proceed with the Campus/School-based Police Officer arrangement.
8. Please provide any Memoranda of Understanding or any policy document relating to the roles and responsibilities of Campus/School-based Police Officers.

Request 07-04-2022

Nil response - Moray Council does not have any campus based Police Officers.

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