FOI Request - COVID Recovery Funding

Request 101003028725

On 18th August the Scottish Government announced that they would be continuing funding Scottish Local Authorities with permanent Covid Recovery funding of £80 million pounds per annum. This was in addition to the permanent £65.5 million for local authorities to recruit additional teachers and support staff. A principal purpose of these monies was to allow local authorities the opportunity not only to appoint additional staff but to endeavor to offer permanent contracts.

I would request that you provide the following information as part of a request under the Freedom of Information (Scotland) Act 2002.
1. What was Moray Council’s share of the £145.5 million which has been provided by Scottish Government?
2. From this funding how many additional teaching posts have been filled in the secondary sector?
3. How many of these posts are full-time?
4. How many of these posts have been made permanent?
5. From this funding how many additional support staff have been employed?


Response 11-04-2022

1) Moray Council's share of the £145m is £2.504m.

2), 3), 5) - The information you requested can be found here. 

4) No posts have been made permanent

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