FOI Request - Moray Resource Centre Maisondieu Road

Request - 101003021474

I request all information held by Moray Council, as regards the change of use and the funding of:
Moray Resource Centre, Maisondieu Road, Elgin IV30 1RX. Covering the past five years up to, and including, 14/3/22.


Response 11-04-2022

(1) There has not been a change of use in the building, it remains an adult day service;

(2) A portion of the building is being leased by NHS Grampian, short term (3 years) as part of Moray's response to the COVID-19 pandemic response. (NHS will have separate costings for this but has no impact on the main MRC building); and

(3) the costings below are accurate and the increased costs include adaptations which have had to be made as a result of COVID-19.  

Service Costs:

2017 £297,831
2018 £294,888
2019 £285,861
2020 £235,970
2021 £295,433


Building Costs: 

2017/2018 £13,036.84
2018/2019 £6,144.78
2019/2020 £5,027.81
2020/2021 £3,120.41
2021/2022 £39,301.49

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