FOI Request - Moray Council Telephone Call Recordings

Request 101003034336

Would it be possible for you to give me some information regarding whether or not Moray Council records telephone calls made to it?

My specific questions are:::

1)   Do Moray Council record telephone calls made to it?

2)  If yes, how will  callers know if the the call is being recorded?

3)  If yes, how  long is the recording kept for?

4)  If yes, can the caller request a copy of the recording?

5)  If yes, to whom should such a request be made?


Response 19-04-2022

1) Yes - just calls to the Contact Centre.

2) Message played to all callers before they enter the call handling scripts / queues.

3) No more than 18 months

4) Yes

5) Information Officer or Customer Services

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