January FOI Requests

Date Request Department
03-01-2023 Service Level Agreement Moray Leisure Ltd. Education Resources & Communities
  Homeless Deaths 2022 Housing and Property Services
  Electric Vehicle Charger Usage 2022 Environmental & Commercial
04-01-2023 Street Cleaning Machine Environmental & Commercial
05-01-2023 Valid Exotic Animal Licences Governance Strategy & Performance
  New and Improved Data Financial Services
  EIR Fees Information Governance Manager
  Planning Act 1997 Economic Growth & Development
  Section 1 of Acquisition of Land Governance Strategy & Performance
  Section 24 Town and Country Planning Economic Growth & Development
  Town and Country Planning Multiple
  Business Rates Data Financial Services
06-01-2023 Warm Banks Chief Executive
  Dangerous Wild Animals Governance Strategy & Performance
  Mental  Health Officer Payscales Multiple
  Speed Survey Test Results Environmental & Commercial
  Review of 101003177646 Gull Control Housing and Property
09-01-2023 Students Not Speaking English at Home Education
  Purification of Measles Virus  
  EIR - 5G Masts Multiple
  Rental Income for Vaccine Centres Financial Services
10-01-2023 Review of 101003200099 Care Homes Owned or Operated By the Council Multiple
  Business Rates Financial Services
11-01-2023 Damaged Vehicles due to Potholes Environmental & Commercial
  School Lunch Debt Multiple
  Missing Asylum-Seeking Children Multiple
  Ukrainians Refugee Settlement Team
  EIR - Local Flood Risk Management Plans   Environmental & Commercial
  Children's Rights Reports Children & Families
12-01-2023 Ukrainian Refugee Accommodation Rejected Refugee Settlement Team
  Contested History in Council Areas Multiple
  Initial Age Assessment Asylum-Seekers Refugee Settlement Team
  Dog Excrement and Litter Complaints Environmental & Commercial
  Vision Impairment (VI) Education Services Education
  Review of 101003196519 School Closures Education
  Equality and Diversity Surveys Education
13-01-2023 NA Funerals Economic Growth & Development
  Purification of Chickenpox Virus Adult Social Care
  Awards under Section 24a Local Government Finance (Scotland) Act Financial Services
  Enterprise Architecture HR, ICT & Organisational Development
  Libraries Education Resources & Communities
  2023-24 Fiscal Year Budget Data Multiple
  Correspondence Lord Lieutenant Moray with HRFCA Chief Executive
  Legal Case Management Software Governance Strategy & Performance
  Enforcement Activities Economic Growth & Development
  Barmuckity Business Park Strategic Framework Economic Growth & Development
  Homelessness Statistics Housing and Property
  Reusable Nappies Environmental & Commercial
  Potholes Environmental & Commercial
  Review of 101003217212 Correspondence Lord Lieutenant Moray with HRFCA Chief Executive
16-01-2023 Parking Permit Zones Environmental & Commercial
  Pay Scale, Job Titles All Employees HR
  Pupil Support Roles HR
  EIR Council (Renewable) Electricity Housing and Property
17-01-2023 EIR Carbon Literacy Training for Senior Councillors/Staff Multiple
  EIR Lobbying for Climate Action & Funding Governance Strategy & Performance
  Household Support Fund Governance Strategy & Performance
  Deaf Charities Multiple
  ASHP/PV installation Housing and Property
  Value of School Meals Repayment Environmental & Commercial
  Child Restraint Multiple
  Children Physically Restrained at School Education
  School Sports Halls Education
  Dog Walkers Governance Strategy & Performance
  Community Payback Orders Economic Growth & Development
  Review of 101003194069 People Numbers and Costs HR
  EIR High Carbon Infrastructure/Fossil Fuel Extraction Economic Growth & Development
  EIR Council Staff Working on Climate Action HR
  EIR Council House EPC Ratings Housing and Property
  Exotic/Dangerous Animals Licenses Governance Strategy & Performance
18-01-2023 Environmental Enforcement Fixed Penalty Notices Economic Growth & Development
  Swimming Lessons in Schools Education
  Correspondence Lord Lieutenant Moray with HRFCA Chief Executive
19-01-2023 Pupils in Possession of Weapons Education
  Funds for Teacher Recruitment Multiple
  Impact of Strikes on Prelims Education
  Management of Corporate Property and Asset Information Housing and Property
  False Fire Alarms Education
  Art Ownership and Display Education Resources & Communities
  Art Value Multiple
  Meat Option in School Meals Multiple
  Teaching Hours Education
  Bin Removal Environmental & Commercial
  Purification of Ebola, HIV, Smallpox Virus Adult Social Care
  Additional Dwelling Supplement Multiple
20-01-2023 High Fat, Salt & Sugar (HFSS) Regulations Economic Growth & Development
  Redundancy Payments HR
  Public Transport Budget Environmental & Commercial
  Streaming Services Education
  Care Home Vacancies Adult Social Care
  Retaining Wall Burnside Street Rothes Economic Growth & Development
  Ventilation and Air Quality in Schools Housing and Property
23-01-2023 Levelling Up Funding Multiple
  Careers Advice Education
  Funding Values Multiple
  Statutory Powers for Teaching of LGBTQ+ Education
  Household Support Fund (2) Governance Strategy & Performance
  Ukraine Homelessness in UK Refugee Settlement Team
  EIR Elgin Flood Modelling Data Environmental & Commercial
  Social Care Vacancies Multiple
  Time-Off for Religious Observance Education
24-01-2023 Legislation for Explicit Sexual Health and Parenthood (RSHP) Education Education
  Active Notices on Properties Economic Growth & Development
  Parking Tickets Environmental & Commercial
  School Trips Education
  Building (Scotland) Act 2003 Economic Growth & Development
  Building (Scotland) Act 1959/1970 Economic Growth & Development
  Housing (Scotland) Act 1987 Economic Growth & Development
  Housing (Scotland) Act 2006 Economic Growth & Development
  CPO Absences Children & Families & Criminal Justice
  Social Housing Stock Housing and Property
  1140 Hours of Free Childcare Multiple
  Review of 101003202772 Non-Domestic Service Financial Services
  Potholes (2) Environmental & Commercial
25-01-2023 Road Maintenance Backlog Environmental & Commercial
  Business Rates Credits + Write Ons Financial Services
  Levelling-Up Bids Economic Growth & Development
  Levelling Up Fund Both Rounds Economic Growth & Development
  Food Produce Environmental & Commercial
  Consultants Spend on Levelling Up Economic Growth & Development
  EIR Johnstons of Elgin Flood Risk Assessment Environmental & Commercial
  Retirement on Ill-Health Grounds HR
26-01-2023 Evictions from Local Authority Housing Housing and Property
  Damp and Mould Housing and Property
  Moray Council Tax Bands Financial Services
  Library Staff Multiple
  Contact Details Childrens Commissioning & Placement Department Children & Families
  Council Tax Discount Financial Services
  Contact Centre, CRM, Telephony,  Network Services Multiple
27-01-2023 Zero Hours Contracts HR
  Disabled Bay Parking Fines Environmental & Commercial
30-01-2023 NA Funerals November to date Economic Growth & Development
  Electric People Carriers/Minibuses Financial Services
  Review of 101003204006 Tools for Publishing Council Meetings Governance Strategy & Performance
  Cyber Security Insurance ICT
  Asylum Seekers in Hotels Refugee Settlement Team
  Vegan Meals Environmental & Commercial
  Dropped Kerbs Environmental & Commercial
  Policy Creation for Children and Families Multiple
  Social Care Budgets Adult Social Care
  Subject Choice Advanced Higher Education
  Contact Centre Staff Training Governance Strategy & Performance
31-01-2023 Local Access Officers and Rangers Environmental & Commercial
  Gambling Premises Governance Strategy & Performance
  EIR Registered Private Water Supplies Economic Growth & Development
  Potentially Violent Persons Register Economic Growth & Development
  DPIA Records and Heritage Manager
  Review of 101003207110 Street Cleaning Machine Environmental & Commercial

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