February FOI Requests


Date Request Department
01-02-2023 Child Restraint Definitions Multiple
  Council Blacklists Governance Strategy and Performance
  Schools and Mental Health Education
  Local Visitor Levy Economic Growth & Development
  STEM Teachers Multiple
02-02-2023 Social Care Packages Adult Social Care
  Zero Hours Contracts HR
  Modern Languages Education
03-02-2023 Moray Growth Deal Economic Growth & Development
  Elgin Town Centre Masterplan Economic Growth & Development
  Working from Home HR
  Equality, Diversity, and Unconscious Bias Training HR
  Review of 101003210811 Speed Survey Test Results Environmental & Commercial Services
  Damage Compensation Housing and Property Services
  Strikes by Council Workers Multiple
  Missing Children Children & Families
  Statues, Blue Plaques and Street Names Multiple
  Union Funding Finance
  Travel Expenses Governance Strategy and Performance
  Union Facility Time HR
  Potholes Reported or Repaired Environmental & Commercial Services
  Bin Collection Rates Environmental & Commercial Services
06-02-2023 Care Home Vacancies Adult Social Care
  Injuries at School Education
  Multi Level Classes Education
  Scottish National Care Service Governance Strategy and Performance
  Ukrainian Refugees Refugee Settlement Team
  External PR Contractors Multiple
  Street Names Economic Growth & Development
  Social Housing Evictions Housing and Property Services
  Debt Enforcement Financial Services
  Cloddach Bridge Repair Environmental & Commercial Services
  Net Zero/Carbon Emission Reduction Advertising Economic Growth & Development
08-02-2023 Business Rates Information Financial Services
  Environmental Impact Analysis for 5G Technology  
  Back Office Applications HR
09-02-2023 Late Invoice Payments Financial Services
  Claims re Exposure to Asbestos Multiple
  Free School Meals Eligibility and Registration Multiple
  Recycling Rates Environmental and Commercial Services
  Number of Trees Cut Down Environmental and Commercial Services
  Treatment of Roads Environmental and Commercial Services
  Pregnant Women in Temporary Accommodation Housing and Property Services
  Contact Details of Officers HR
  Cuts to Services Adult Social Care
  Meetings Attended by Council Employees HR
  Private Water Supplies Economic Growth and Development
  Illegal Disposable Vapes Economic Growth and Development
  Pest Control Economic Growth and Development
  Dog Control Notices Economic Growth and Development
  Chief Executive HR
10-02-2023 Credit Held in Account Multiple
  Business Property Rates Data Financial Services
  School Term Dates Education
  Local Authority Electricity Generation Assets Economic Growth and Development
  Introducing 20MPH Speed Limits Environmental and Commercial Services
  Debt Referrals for Council Tax Financial Services
  Potholes and Road  Defects Environmental and Commercial Services
  Suspension for Carrying dangerous weapons in school Education
  Pupils Excluded and Incidents of Violence Education
  Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine Criminal Justice
13-02-2023 Meetings and Briefings of the Council's Administration Group Governance Strategy and Performance
  Social Work Funding Multiple
  Licensed Private Hire Car Association Governance Strategy and Performance
  Pupil Ratio Education
  Pornography in School Education
  Subject Fees Secondary School Education
  Road Inspectors Environmental and Commercial Services
14-02-2023 Expenditure Speyside High Education
15-02-2023 Council Tax Arrears Financial Services
16-02-2023 Foster Care Moray Children, Families and Criminal Justice
  Household Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Environmental and Commercial
  Councillors Parking Tickets Environmental and Commercial
  Heat Pumps in Social Housing Housing and Property
  Number of Lollipop Ladies/Men Environmental and Commercial
  Number of Bin Men/Women Environmental and Commercial
  Number of Teaching Assistants HR and ICT
  CO2 Monitors and HEPA Filters Education
  ICT Documents 2023 Onwards HR and ICT
  Secondary Schools Education
  Violence at Work HR and ICT
  VAT Information Requests Health and Social Care Moray
  Percentage of Roads with Surface Dressing Environmental and Commercial
  Adopted Roads Environmental and Commercial
  NA Funerals Economic Growth and Development
  Households in Council Tax Arrears Financial Services
  Maths and English Teachers Education
  Anti-Social Behaviour Complaints Economic Growth and Development
17-02-2023 Members' Allowances Governance Strategy and Performance
  Funeral statistics 2015-2022 Economic Growth and Development
  Building Safety Incidents Multiple
20-02-2023 Charging of Electric Cars for Council Employees Environmental and Commercial
  Debt Recovery through Universal Credit Reduction Financial Services
  List of Schools Education
  Dog Warden Services Economic Growth and Development
  Compensation Claims from Road Users Due to Potholes Environmental and Commercial
  Contact with Tobacco Industry Multiple
  Contaminated Land Economic Growth and Development
  School Closures Education
21-02-2023 Vermin in Schools Multiple
  Temporary Agency Usage HR
22-02-2023 Section 27 Grant Funding Social Work
  School Closures due to Unsafe Buildings Multiple
  MLRB Decision Portessie Houses Economic Growth and Development
  Combatting Forced Marriage Research Project Governance Strategy and Performance
  Provisional Local Government Finance Settlement Financial Services
  Asbestos in Schools Education
  Advanced Highers in Secondary Schools Education
  Findochty Harbour Pontoon Renewal Multiple
23-02-2023 Civic Government (Scotland) Act 1982 Economic Growth and Development
  On-site Counsellor for Pupils Education
  Contingency Accommodation Housing and Property
  Applications for Special Deferral Education
  Planning Acts Economic Growth and Development
  Ad-Hoc Coaches and Taxi Services Multiple
24-02-2023 Environmental Protection Act 1990 Economic Growth and Development
  EIR Sewerage (Scotland) Act 1968 Economic Growth and Development
  EIR Prevention of Damage by Pest Act 1949 Economic Growth and Development
  Reinforced Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Multiple
  Number of Refuse Collectors HR
  Change to School Week Education
  Adult Learning Spend Education
  Information Distribution Energy Efficiency Multiple
  Bridge Height Multiple
  Deductions from DWP Benefits Financial Services
25-02-2023 LGBT Youth Scotland Multiple
  Resettlement of Newcomers, Refugees and Asylum Seekers Health and Social Care Moray
27-02-2023 Vandalism in Schools Education
  Coronation Celebrations Multiple
  Review of 101003223795 Statutory Powers for Teaching of LGBTQ+ Education
28-02-2023 People with Disabilities in Temporary Accommodation Housing and Property
  Review of 101003227734 Electric People Carriers/Minibuses Financial Services
  Access Spending and Staff Multiple
  Supported Study/Technician Support Education

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