Active Travel

Active travel means moving around using your own effort – by walking, wheeling or cycling. It includes everyday journeys like going to school, to the shops or to work, as well as for exercise or recreation. Active travel is good for individual health and wellbeing, it helps to reduce carbon emissions, traffic congestion and helps mitigate climate change

Moray Council is dedicated to increasing the amount of people walking, wheeling and cycling for everyday journeys over single occupancy car use across Moray. Moray Council’s Active Travel Strategy (ATS) 2022-2027, aims to make active travel an attractive and realistic choice for everyday journeys to enable and encourage people to walk and cycle as part of their daily lives. Ideally, this achieves to reduce the amount of private cars on the road and increases people’s access to healthy, affordable and quick modes of transport.

The Moray Council adopted the new Active Travel Strategy 2022 – 2027 in November 2022 and is currently undertaking various actions to achieve its objectives. One of these actions is to develop Active Travel Masterplans for larger settlements in Moray, through consultation with relevant communities and stakeholders, to identify demand for movement and ‘missing’ links in the network.  As part of that we are now looking for residents to share their views on the active travel network through our ONLINE CONSULTATION portal. We would be very happy to hear your thoughts on the existing infrastructure, as well as your ideas for future infrastructure.

  • Please note that this consultation is only about Active Travel related FUTURE infrastructure, such as requests for shared pavements, segregated cycle lanes, dropped kerbs, bike parking facilities and controlled crossings. Anything other, such as complaints related to EXISTING INFRASTRUCTURE or remarks related to motorised vehicles’ infrastructure, are not part of this consultation. These complaints or remarks could be notified here:

Online Consultation

Simultaneously, the Councils ‘active travel team’ will also be conducting face to face PUBLIC CONSULTATIONS throughout 2023 and 2024 (some dates below). During these consultations we’d like to hear your thoughts on anything active travel related. This information will also feed into the development of the Active Travel Masterplans.

This is part of the council’s Local Development Plan (LDP) engagement sessions which will serve as input for the new LDP for 2027.
Would you like to keep up to date with the latest developments, then have a look at our website here, or send us an email at

Consultation dates (tbc and more to follow):

  • Forres – Saturday 4th of March
  • Aberlour – Saturday 22nd of April
  • Dufftown – Thursday 27th of April
  • Elgin town centre – Thursday 4th May lunchtime
  • Elgin Town hall – Saturday 27th of May
  • Lossiemouth Town hall – Saturday 17th June
  • Fochabers Institute – Thursday 22nd June
  • Buckie North Church Hall – Saturday 26th August
  • Keith Longmore Community Hall – Saturday 9th of September

For accurate information please check the Moray Council’s FB page and soon all the dates will be uploaded on the Council’s website here

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