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Home Composting

Both garden waste and uncooked and cooked food (except meat) waste can be composted. It breaks down into a soil-like material which can be used to fertilise flowers and plants and returns nutrients to your garden. Composting is therefore a great method of reducing and reusing YOUR waste. It is also a cheap method of reusing your waste in two ways, you can use old pieces of wood and timber to build a composter and then use your food and garden waste to make compost.

All kitchen food waste including cooked and uncooked food, meat, fish, bones, dairy products, bread, pasta, fruit scraps and vegetable peelings can be disposed of in a Food Waste Digester/Green Cone. The Digester breaks food down into carbon dioxide and nutrient rich water which drains away into the soil.

Green Cones can be bought from some DIY stores

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Frequently Asked Questions

Find out more about composting by going to our  Frequently Asked Questions  page.

Recycling Centres and Points

In addition to home composting and kerbside collections for food and garden waste, there are five Recycling Centres that accept garden waste.  This waste is shredded then taken for composting.  The locations of these centres are provided under  Recycling Centres and Points.

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