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Council Tax Reduction (which replaced Council Tax benefit in 2013) is a Scottish Government scheme to help with your Council Tax. The Benefits Service administers it for people who pay Council Tax in the Moray Council area. 

Council Tax Reduction will continue to be means tested (based on the income and savings of the household members) and delivered by councils.  Second Adult Rebate also applies to the Council Tax Reduction scheme.

Anyone who is liable for Council Tax can claim Council Tax Reduction:

  • You can claim Council Tax Reduction even if you are working
  • You do not have to be receiving any other benefits
  • You can even claim Council Tax Reduction if you already get a discount on your Council Tax i.e. if you live alone
  • You don’t need to have paid any National Insurance Contributions
  • You can live in council housing, privately rented or housing association accommodation, or a house you are buying or have already bought

How much will I get?

The amount you receive will be calculated based on the following:

  • Money you and your partner have coming in, including earnings, some benefits and tax credits and things like occupational pensions
  • You and your partner’s capital savings and investments
  • Your circumstances, such as your age, the number of people in your household and the ages of your children, whether you or any of your household is disabled.

Council Tax Reduction will apply to your Council Tax charge only and not any water and sewerage charges included on your bill.

Second Adult Rebate is help with your Council Tax bill if you share your home with one or more adults. To qualify for Second Adult Rebate the person who share with you must not be your partner.

If you can answer yes to all of the following questions, you may qualify for Second Adult Rebate.

Is the person who shares your home:

  • Aged 18 or over?
  • Not your partner?
  • Not paying you rent
  • Not liable to pay Council Tax themselves?

Second Adult Rebate is based on the circumstances of the person who shares your home. Your income and savings will not have an effect on Second Adult Rebate. If you are entitled to Council Tax Reduction and Second Adult Rebate we will pay the one which gives you the most money.

If you do not agree with the council tax reduction decision made by us, you can ask for a review of the decision, as long as it is within two months of that decision. Read more about our review process.

Council Tax Reduction Form (pdf)

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