Burial Ground Charges

Interment Fees from 1st April 2019

Interment Fees Mon - Fri Sat Sun
Under 16years of age * £0 £0 £0
Over 16 years of age £887.00 £1331.00 £1774.00
Non-Moray Resident over 16 years of age £976.00 £1464.00 £1952.00
Casket of Ashes £210.00 £315.00 £420.00

Non-Moray Resident 

Casket of Ashes

£231.00 £347.00 £462.00

*  Interment Fees Under 16 years of age  - No charge

Costs of Lairs

Item Fee
Sale of Lair £770.00
CREMATED REMAINS LAIR in Garden of Remembrance £442.00
Fee for Transfer of Lair £43.00
Fee for digging foundation for headstone £102.00
Search fee £63.00
Scattering of Ashes on Grave £36.00
Non-Moray Resident Scattering of Ashes on Grave £40.00


NB: Additional charges for Saturday (50%) and Sunday (100%)


Public Holidays are charged at Sunday Rates.

Public Holidays are 1st and 2nd January, Good Friday, May Day, 25th December and 26th December

For a list of Burial Grounds and Cemeteries please see here. For information about booking or buying lairs in cemeteries in Moray, please contact the Registration Office using the details below.

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