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   Primary Meals Menu 2022 (PDF)    

   Nutritional Standards for Food and Drink in Schools  

   Allergen Sheet Wk1       Allergen Sheet Wk1 Keith/Fochabers

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National regulations for school meals in Scotland changed in April 2021. The changes are to help reach the Scottish Dietary Goals and to minimise the risk to the health of children and young people. By limiting the amount of red and red processed meat; reducing the intake of fat, sugar and salt; and increasing fibre, fruit and vegetables we’ll get closer to those goals.

How much do school meals cost?

All children are eligible for free school meals until they reach P6. Meals from P1-P5 are available automatically. From P6, school meals can be purchased online and from the school. Information regarding the roll out of free school meals to the remaining primary school year groups (P6-P7) will be provided within 2022..
P1-5     Free
P6-7     £2.30
Find out if your child is eligible for free school meals from P6 to P7.

Allergen Information

Please see above the allergen information for all our dishes. The Keith and Fochabers ASG have different allergen sheets due to they have a different supplier for Bakery..

Adapted Diets

The Catering department can provide adapted menus for pupils with medically diagnosed food intolerance.  If you require a menu please make your school aware for them to pass your details onto the Catering department.

How does your child pick a meal at school?

There is a short video to show how your child chooses a meal and how they collect there meal at lunchtime. Click here for Video Link

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