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School Meals

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Our school meals aim to provide the essential nutritional requirements that will assist your child in leading a bright, healthy and balanced lifestyle. Each day, we offer a selection of up to three main course items and a choice of puddings, fresh fruit and yoghurt.

With schools meals you can enjoy the peace of mind that your child is well fed, happy and ready for the afternoon’s activities.

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School Uniforms

Children are encouraged to wear school uniform in our schools. We believe it fosters a positive attitude to school and a sense of belonging for pupils. More information about the uniforms for each school can be found in their school handbook. Find out more ...

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School Online Payments

Introducing our new online service - online school payments!

When we asked you what your priorities were for online services, you said you wanted to pay online for school expenses. We listened and we're in the process of introducing a new system which allows you to do this.

We're now live with this new system in every school in Moray, except Milnes Primary, where we've experienced some technical difficulties.

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