Multi-Agency Public Protection Arrangements MAPPA

The Management of Offenders (Scotland) Act 2005 introduced a statutory duty for Chief Constables, Scottish Prison Service (SPS) and Chief Social Work Officers to establish a structured set of arrangements for managing the risk posed by certain categories of offenders. All local authority services are tasked with co-operating with these arrangements by legislation, as part of the corporate duty.

In the main, Criminal Justice Social Work colleagues will lead on these arrangements along with Grampian Police, and the SPS for offenders in custody. However the Multi-Agency identification of individuals posing a risk, information sharing, risk assessment and risk management processes will necessarily involve a wide range of local authority and voluntary services.

MAPPA are a three tiered set of arrangements.

Level 1 cases are managed by a single agency without significantly involving other agencies. The majority of cases remitted to MAPPA fall within this level.

Level 2 cases involve active multi-agency management. Regular review meetings are held to scrutinise and agree appropriate risk management strategies. Offenders within this category are likely to have higher risk ratings and also complex management requirements.

Level 3 cases are the “critical few” cases which require very close co-operation at senior level due to the complexities of the case or unusual resource requirements. Multi-agency Public Protection Panels are held for these cases, which are comprised of senior managers from responsible authorities and duty to co-operate agencies.

Within the Grampian region, the MAPPA processes are coordinated through central units, comprised of MAPPA staff. 

The Scottish Government's leaflet Managing Sex Offenders in the Community (PDF) aims to answer any concerns you may have about people with a conviction for a sexual offence that now live in your community.

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For further information contact:

MAPPA Coordinator (Grampian)

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