Reports & Risk Assessments

The Criminal Justice Social Work team prepares reports for Courts to assist sentencers decide the most appropriate way of dealing with the individual appearing before them.  These reports are known as Criminal Justice Social Work reports.  

The Criminal Justice Social Work Report is written by a Social Worker, who will contact you by letter and ask you to attend an interview.  The interview will last between 1 and 2 hours.  You will be asked a number of questions including information about your:-

  • current circumstances
  • personal and social history
  • attitude to the offence
  • previous offences
  • assess ongoing risk
  • response to current or previous supervision
  • review the impact of the available sentencing options

At the end of the interview the Social Worker will explain what sentencing options are available to the court and answer any questions you may have.

The Criminal Justice Social Work team regularly provides reports on compliance with community based sentences.  We also prepare Home Background/Home Leave Reports and risk assessments to assist the Parole Board and Scottish Prison Service with sentence management and decisions regarding release.

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