Energy in the Workplace

Read through our tips and good practice advice below to see how you can reduce the carbon footprint of your workplace where applicable.

Workplace Checklist – Low-Cost Measures

  • Replace incandescent bulbs with compact fluorescent lamps. These give the same level of light as incandescent bulbs, yet use less than one-quarter the energy and last ten times longer.
  • Turn lights off when the workplace is empty. Encourage other staff to do the same by putting up awareness posters and reminder stickers next to light switches – contact the Energy Office if you would like some stickers and posters to use in your workplace.
  • Use natural lighting whenever possible. If the room you’re in is receiving sufficient light through the windows from daylight outside, turn the lights off.
  • Wear a jumper in winter. Don’t have the heating up so high that occupants are wearing summer clothing when it’s freezing outside!
  • Don’t leave electrical appliances on standby. Appliances left on standby continue to use electricity, so get in the habit of turning things off at the wall when you are finished using them.
  • Fit a seven-day timer to your office photocopier to ensure the photocopier is switched off out-of-hours (it can still be manually switched on if needed out-of-hours). Most photocopiers have a power save mode – make use of this function to decrease electricity consumption when the photocopier is on standby.

Other steps you can take

  • Run a “switch off” campaign to promote energy awareness and encourage others in your office to switch off lights and appliances
  • Ensure your office has recycling facilities in place and that staff are aware of what recycling is available –  find out more about recycling in the Moray area.

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