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Premises Licence

If you wish to sell alcohol, your premises must be licensed. You must be 18 years or older to make the application and cannot be a premises holder for another licensed premises.

Your premises will also require a personal licence holder to sell and authorise the sale of alcohol. Conditions will be attached to a licence.


Applications must contain a description of the premises and be accompanied by an operational plan, a layout plan, a planning certificate, a building standards certificate and if applicable, a food hygiene certificate, a disabled facilities statement.

An operating plan will detail the following: the activities to be carried out on the premises the times when alcohol will be sold whether alcohol is to be sold for consumption on or off the premises or both times when any activities other than the sale of alcohol will be carried out where alcohol is to be sold on the premises a statement detailing whether children or young people will be allow on the premises and if so details of when they can be present, times and parts of the premises they can enter the capacity of the premises specific information about the premises manager any other information required The licensing board will give notice of the application, together with a copy of it, to the following: every person who has a notifiable interest in the land neighbouring the premises any community council for the area the premises is situated the council for the area the premises is situated, unless the council are the applicant the chief constable for the area the local authority for the area in which the premises is situated The chief constable must give a notice that the applicant or connected people have not been convicted a relevant offence and detailing any convictions and a report detailing all cases of antisocial behaviour that have taken place on or around the premises and all complaints and other representations concerning antisocial behaviour within the previous year. A Licensing Board must consider any notices it receives relating to representations or objections and serve a copy of the notice on the applicant. A hearing must be held to determine the application. If any of the grounds for refusal apply the application must be refused.

If it is felt that an application would be allowed with a modification and the applicant accepts the modification, the licence must be granted. If the application is refused the Licensing Board must give reasons for the refusal. If an applicant or a connected person is convicted of an offence after the date the application was submitted but before it is determined they must notify the Licensing Board. If such information is received a Licensing Board must suspend the application and give notice to the chief constable of the conviction. The chief constable must respond by way of a notice within 21 days as to whether the conviction can be confirmed and if so if it is a relevant or foreign offence.

Will Tacit Consent Apply?

Yes. This means that you will be able to act as though your application is granted if you have not heard from us by the end of the target completion period.


The fee you will pay depends on the information you supply in your application. Guidance on how to calculate the fee is given in the form and you will pay it online. 


Use the options in the ‘Online Services’ box below to apply for a premises licence, transfer your existing premises licence, apply to extend the hours of your existing premises licence, or to tell us about a change to your existing premises licence.

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