Occasional Licence

If you hold a premises licence, a personal licence or are from a voluntary organisation and wish to sell alcohol from premises that are not licensed, you may apply for an occasional licence.

We require a minimum of 28 calendar days to process occasional licences applications (the only exception for this is for funeral events.) Unless applications are received by us 28 calendar days prior to the scheduled event these cannot be processed and will be returned to you.

Please make sure that when sending in your completed form, you’ve signed it and enclosed the correct fee, as well as providing one set of full contact details.


Please read our FAQs before you begin your application.

Read our FAQs


Please ensure you have read both parts of the guidance provided to ensure you complete your application correctly and submit all of the relevant supporting documents.

The processing of any Occasional Licence may be delayed if it does not include detailed information as outlined in the completion guidance.
For example:
• Description of premises - as per guidance notes
• Description of activities including activities outside hours when alcohol is to be sold - as per guidance notes
• Correct dates and times in the duration and sale times
• Full details about children and/ or young people - as per guidance notes

or if the relevant information is not supplied at the time of application.
For example:
• Risk assessment
• Fire Risk assessment
• Event Plan

We have provided a checklist below to assist you with your application submission. Please include this and any supporting documents with your application.

Occasional Licence Additional Checklist

Guidance on completion of Occasional licence application form (PDF)

Additional information sheet for Occasional licence applications (PDF)


Applicants for an occasional licence must be either the holder of a premises licence, the holder of a personal licence or a representative of a voluntary organisation. An occasional licence will be valid for no more than 14 days and conditions will be attached to the licence.

We will give notice to the local chief constable of the application. The chief constable can serve a notice recommending that the licence would put crime prevention objectives at risk. If we have not received any notice from a chief constable, a report from a Licensing Standards officer or a notice of objection or representation from any other person we must grant the application. If any of these have been received the application will be considered to see if there are grounds for refusal. If so the application will be refused, if not it must be granted.

Licences granted will be issued electronically to the email address provided on the application or by post if there is no email address.

Notification of a refusal or granting of an application will be given to the applicant, the chief constable, the Licensing Standards Officer and any person who gave a notice of objection or representation. A statement of reason can be requested by any person served with such a notice.

Will Tacit Consent Apply?

Yes. This means that you will be able to act as though your application is granted if you have not heard from the local authority by the end of the target completion period.


We will charge a fee of £10 that you will pay online to process your application. For more information please visit our fees page


Once you have read the FAQs and guidelines, please click on the button below to begin your online application.

Please note that the forms do not work on hand-held or mobile devices.

If you are having difficulties using this form please open Adobe Reader application first (from the Start menu on Windows, or from the Applications folder on Mac) and use the File > Open menu to open the PDF on your computer.

If you are still having problems then please report these directly to https://www.gov.uk/contact

A word version of the form can be found here

Apply for an Occasional Licence

Whenever possible we encourage you to save time by applying online; however, if you require a paper copy of the application for an Occasional Licence, please click here

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