Liquor Licensing - Occasional Licences FAQs

1. What do I need an occasional licence for?

An occasional licence is required if the sale or supply of alcohol is taking place within an unlicensed premises.  The sale can be direct eg pay at bar or indirect eg if a ticket states that there is to be a free glass of wine as part of the ticket cost.

2. What does an occasional licence cover?

An occasional licence authorises the sale of alcohol to the public as well as associated activities. All activities must be listed in the application. However an occasional alcohol licence cannot authorise entertainment. Therefore for any event where entertainment is being offered, and where there is only an occasional licence in force, organisers must consider whether they need a public entertainment licence (PEL) as well.

3. Can I have an application form?

Go to our Formfinder for word and PDF forms or applying online.

4. What is the fee?

View our list of Liquor Licensing Fees.

5. How long can an occasional licence last for?

An occasional licence can cover an event for up to 14 days (maximum)

6. How long is the process?

You should allow a minimum of 30 days for processing, the police and LSO have a 21 day consultation period but there is an absolute minimum of 7 days advertising period.  (no promises can ever be made for a short notice application but we try our best).  In normal circumstances, once all responses received licences are issued as soon as possible.  Any issues and we contact directly for responses.

7. I need an occasional licence for a funeral what do I do?

There is a dispensation of advertising period of 24 hours for a funeral.  Please advise applicant to contact Licensing directly to speed the processing time ie send by email pay by card.

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