Personal Licences Holders

1. How long does a personal licence last for?

A personal licence is valid for 10 years unless suspended or revoked by the Licensing Board.

2. Who needs to have a personal licence?

  1. A designated premises manager must be a personal licence holder.
  2. Late night premises also require a personal licence holder to be on the premises after a certain time. 
  3. Anyone who provides the two-hour mandatory training to anyone who is serving alcohol must be a personal licence holder.

3. Can I have an application form?

Go to our liquor licence Formfinder for word and PDF forms or applying online.

4. What is the fee?

Go to  Liquor Licensing Fees for current fee charges.

5. What do I need to put in with the application form?

Copy of training certificate (we can't process your application without this), fee and one passport photo (signed with “I certify this is a true likeness of....”)

6. How do I go about getting training?

We do not provide training. Local training providers include Highfield Training - contact Linda Davidson on 07736 676 533 or - and Moray College, who run courses when they have enough for a class. For Moray College courses contact Carol Wood on 07843 111 200.

7. How long does the training certificate last for?

A refresher course must be completed within five years of the personal licence being issued. Providers as above.

8. How long does the personal licence process take?

The police have a 21 day consultation period stated in the Act, however if their response is received sooner than that we do our best to get all licences out as soon as possible. You will be advised if there are any issues and the application has to go to a hearing of the Licensing Board.

9. I have lost my licence - what do I do?

You must report it to the police who will give you a reference number. Once you have that, write in advising of the reference number and pay £25 for a duplicate licence. Please provide a spare photo to make up the licence. Advise if you require all parts of the licence, e.g. laminated page, annex pages, small plastic card.

10. I have changed address - what do I do?

Send in the laminated page of the licence with a spare photo and a note of your new address and the updated personal licence will be sent to that address.

11. I have changed my name - what do I do?

Send in the laminated page of the licence with a spare photo and a note of your new name and the updated personal licence will be sent to you.

12. What do I do when I have received my Refresher Training Certificate?

After you have completed the training and received your certificate, you will need to send us a copy of the certificate. Send a paper copy by post to: Moray Council, Licensing, Legal and Democratic Services, Headquarters, High Street, Elgin IV30 4GL or an electronic copy to

After we have received a copy of your certificate, we will retain a copy for our records, update the training schedule for your personal licence and send out an updated training Annex.

You will need to replace the Annex page in your current licence. If you cannot find your personal licence then see question no. 09 above about obtaining a replacement personal licence.

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