Elgin Traffic Management

The Elgin Traffic Management Programme is seen as essential to enable and encourage development and continued growth in the town.

The aims and objectives of the programme are in line with the various local and national priorities. These include the Elgin STAG study, the Strategic Transport Projects Review (STPR), the Single Outcome Agreement (SOA) and the Council’s own objectives.

The key objective is “to provide a quicker, safer and more reliable transport system in and around Elgin while accommodating future development”.

Consequently, this programme will consider transport improvements within the whole of Elgin.

Over the years the transport situation in Elgin has been the subject of a number of reports to the Environmental Services Committee and more recently to the Economic Development and Infrastructure Committee. View copies of the reports and presentations.

Western Link Road (WLR): Home Page

The Western Distributor Road title of this project originated a number of years ago, before the introduction of Designing Streets. The term "distributor road" is now not appropriate within this Scottish Government policy document and consequently the project has been re-titled. This does not however change the key aims and objectives of the project which remain as:

  • to provide an additional effective railway crossing in the west of Elgin
  • to relieve traffic on the existing New Elgin railway bridge
  • to cater for planned and encourage future development within Elgin

The Western Link Road is a key part of the overall Elgin Traffic Management Programme. It is a major project and will impact on a large number of people during its development and construction. With approval being given in September 2011 to proceed with detailed design and a planning application, this scheme now justifies a dedicated section of the Council's Internet.

Elgin Western Link Road

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