Emergency Planning in Moray

Moray Council Emergency Planning Arrangements

Co-ordination of emergency planning across the three local authorities in Grampian is delivered jointly by a joint team:  Grampian Emergency Planning Unit.  An Emergency Planning Officer is based in Elgin.

The Unit provides a 24hr 365 days a year first line of Council response for any major emergency affecting any part or all of the Grampian area.

As emergency situations arise, other Council officers are brought in to co-ordinate the Council’s response and to provide expert advice and assistance.  The arrangements to detailing the Council’s response to the effects of major emergencies whatever their cause is contained within Emergency Planning Policy & Procedures (PDF) (82 pages, 622 KB)

The Unit produces and maintains emergency plans in conjunction with the Emergency Services and other agencies to address specific potential emergencies. These include:

  • Animal Health Diseases eg Foot & Mouth Disease, Avian Flu and Rabies
  • Care for People Affected by Emergencies
  • Flood Warning and Response Plan
  • RAF Lossiemouth and Kinloss Barracks: MICP
  • Coastal Pollution Oil Spill Plan
  • Control of Major Accident Hazards Regulations 1999: Moray Distilleries and Warehouses

What Moray Council May do in an Emergency

In the event of major incidents or emergencies the council may provide:

  • Support and advice to people affected
  • Shelter and food for those affected Facilities where advice and information can be obtained
  • Facilities for friends and relatives of those affected
  • Short term temporary accommodation for those made temporarily homeless
  • Regular communication and updates on what is happening
  • Assistance to the emergency services eg road signage, clearing debris and emergency lighting
  • Traffic diversions, surveys of damaged buildings, demolition, advice on environmental and public health issues.

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