Policies and Strategies - Social Care and Health

Some of Community Care's key service strategies and policies can be viewed using the links below.

Community Care 


Carers Carry on Caring 2016-2019
Older people

Living Longer Living Better in Moray 2013-2023 - Moray Joint Commissioning Strategy for Older People.

 For the accompanying appendices, follow the link here.


Moray Autism Strategy 2013-2023

  • Action plan
Learning disability Our Lives, Our Way 2013-2023
Dementia Joint Dementia Strategy 2013-16
Acquired Brain Injury The Acquired Brain Injury Strategy for Grampian 2011-16
Market position Market Position Statement for Adult Social Care (June 2014)




The Adult Social Care schedule of charges 2016-2017 was set at a meeting of The Moray Council on 17 February 2016.

If you need information from the Moray Council in a different language or format, such as Braille, audio tape or large print, please email: commissioning@moray.gov.uk

Children and Families 

Strategies and Policies

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