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Premises Licences

1. Can I have an application form for a new premises licence?

Please go to the liquor licence Formfinder list and look for 'Premises Licence/Provisional Premises Licence' – there are links to apply online and also guidance notes. Also required, on the same page, are the operating plan, risk assessment, Section 50 application form for Building Standards, Environmental Health, Planning. A designated premises manager must be a personal licence holder so they can also complete a personal licence form if required.

2. What is the fee?

The fee is dependant on the rateable value of the premises. A breakdown of fees can be found on our Liquor Licensing Fees page.

3. How long does a premises licence last for?

A premises licence is ongoing unless otherwise suspended or revoked by the Licensing Board. An annual fee must be paid by condition on the licence to maintain the currency. An invoice will be sent out around 27 August each year. The annual fee is dependant on the rateable value of the property.

4. What is the process for applying?

The application will be checked by the Depute Clerk who will come back with any questions which may arise. The application will be advertised on the Licensing Board webpage for 21 days during which time anyone can make an objection or representation. Consultees have a 21 day consultation period. You will be issued with a site notice to display for the period of the advertisement and you will receive a certificate to return at the end of the display period. Neighbours within four metres will receive notification of the application. If there are any issues you will be advised. The application will then go on the agenda for the next available Board meeting. You will be advised in writing. A site visit will be required – you will advised in writing of date and time.

5. I have lost my licence. What do I do?

Make a report to the police who will give you a reference number. Then send that with the fee for a duplicate licence. If you require a layout plan please advise in the notification.

6. The designated premises manager is leaving. What do I do and what form do I complete?

Within one week of the current premises manager leaving you must inform the Licensing Board. You then have six weeks from the date of them leaving to nominate a new premises manager using the application to vary a premises licence, which you can find on our Formfinder list.

Go to  Liquor Licensing Fees for current fee charges.

7. I want to change the hours in my operating plan. What do I do?

Any change to the operating plan is a major variation. The fee is dependent on rateable value so you should refer to the list of fees. 

The forms which should be completed are 'application to vary a premises licence' and 'operating plan' on the Formfinder list

The process follows that of a new premises licence - please refer to question 1 above.

8. I am selling my premises. How do I transfer the licence?

There are two means of transferring. The first is a Section 33 application where the applicant is the current licence holder. The second is a Section 34 application where the person taking over the business makes the application. Use the 'application to transfer a premises licence' on the Formfinder list.

The fee is dependant on the rateable value of the premises - please refer to the list of fees.

This application is dealt with under delegated powers and once a police response is received it is possible to grant the transfer therefore the applicant must keep the Licensing Board advised of any settlement dates.

9. Can we change the licence when we transfer?

You can make an application for variation at the same time as a transfer by using the application to vary a premises licence as above. If it is a variation to change the premises manager this can be dealt with at the same time as the transfer; however if it is a variation which changes the operating plan this must be heard at a Board meeting. A transfer can be dependent upon a variation therefore please complete the form to express this.

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