Records Management Plan

3.0 The Moray Council Records Management Plan

The plan applies to all records in whatever format, paper or digital, including email, cctv and digital media however or wherever the information is stored and irrespective of the type of information created and retained.

The plan applies to the Council and to its partners and third party service suppliers. It applies whether services are delivered in-house, through partnership arrangements or contracted out.

The plan includes the records of the Moray Licensing Board – any special arrangements in place are noted in the plan, including responsible personnel.  

The Model Records Management Plan has 14 elements and each of these elements must be addressed in the records management plan submitted by an authority.

1. Senior management responsibility

2. Records manager responsibility

3. Records management policy statement

4. Business classification

5. Retention schedules

6. Destruction arrangements

7. Archiving and transfer arrangements

8. Information security

9. Data protection

10. Business continuity and vital records

11. Audit trail

12. Competency framework for records management staff

13. Assessment and review

14. Shared information

Additional elements relevant to the Moray Council records management plan have been added:-

  • Digital continuity
  • Standards & best practice
  • Document management
  • Legal compliance Statement

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