Non-Domestic Rates Payments

Your Non Domestic Rates Bill will show your current method of payment, the amount of each instalment and the due date by which each payment must reach us.

Each year payment of Non Domestic Rates is required to be made over 10 monthly instalments, starting in May and finishing in February of the following year.  There are other date options available.

Payments are due on the 21st of each month if paying by Direct Debit OR

By the First of the month if paying by any other method of payment.

Alternatively, if you do not pay by Direct Debit and want to pay in full for the year in one lump sum, this must be done by 1 May.
Methods of Payment 

We understand that some people may have problems making payment of their Non-Domestic Rates bill, and we are committed to assisting you to overcome them. If you encounter any difficulties making payment, please contact the Non Domestic Rates Team .You should contact us as early as possible. We will try to help you to resolve these problems and we promise any conversation you have about your financial circumstances will be completely confidential.

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