Moray Shared Apprenticeship Scheme

Moray has been chosen as one of two pilot areas in Scotland to deliver what is known as a Shared Apprenticeship Scheme. The scheme operates much like the Modern Apprenticeship scheme in that it offers a young person the opportunity to undertake training at either the SVQ level 2 or 3 under a range of industry recognised frameworks.   The difference with this pilot, which is aimed at the delivery of Food and Beverage Service at level 2, is that two or more employers would share an apprentice.

The key benefits to this are:

  • Allows smaller employers the opportunity to provide an apprenticeship which in the past they may not have been able to due to the requirements of the framework delivery.
  • It gives a young person an experience with a range of employers.
  • It encourages employers to work together as they have to agree a shared job description and salary.

The young person would work with one employer for a minimum of four months – in most cases six - and then move onto the second employer. At the end of the twelve month term it is expected that the young person would have achieved the level 2 apprenticeship and that one of the employers would employ the young person. The scheme is open to young people aged 18 to 24. There may also be an opportunity to open it out to 25+.

This concept has previously been delivered in Wales very successfully and it is hoped that there will be opportunities for rolling it out further across the country.

The Moray Shared Apprenticeship Scheme has been developed by People 1st and will be managed by Moray College UHI.

If you are an employer working in the hospitality field and are interested in finding out more about the scheme then please contact Jacqui Taylor, Moray College UHI on 01343 576425 or email

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