Customer Charter

Contacting Us

You have a right to the following:

  • See your personal information held by the Council
  • Access translation services or obtain documents in alternative formats
  • Discuss your enquiry in private
  • Request an interview with someone of your own gender
  • Have someone deal with the Council on your behalf

When we visit you we will:

  • Arrange an appointment in advance, if appropriate
  • Show you personal identification
  • Give you as much notice as possible if the appointment is cancelled or altered

In person we will:

  • Provide accessible reception points for public enquiries
  • Deal with you promptly
  • Help you to complete forms
  • Try to give you the advice and information that you need straight away
  • If you have an appointment, ensure that you are seen at the agreed time and are kept informed if there is any delay

Our Pledge

When you contact us online we will:

  • Ensure the Moray Council website is available 99% of the time except for scheduled maintenance
  • Provide routine service information in a user friendly format
  • Provide services online where possible

When you telephone us we will:

  • Answer your call promptly and courteously
  • Tell you who you are speaking to
  • Try to resolve your enquiry
  • If we are unable to give you an answer straight away, explain how your enquiry will be handled

When you write to us we will:

  • Aim to respond to your enquiry in full within 10 working days
  • If we cannot respond fully within that time, we will acknowledge your enquiry and advise when you will receive a full response

What we expect in return:

To deliver high quality customer services, we need your help.

Here are some things you can do to make it easier for us to do our job:

  • Give us all of the information we need to help you
  •  Let us know if you require additional assistance or support
  • Attend appointments on time, letting us know if you will be late or can’t attend
  • Ask us to explain anything you are unsure of
  • Treat our staff with respect
  • Tell us how we can improve our services

Our Pledge to You

We will:

  • Provide high quality customer service however you wish to contact us
  • Offer you choices in how you contact us to get information, request services or tell us what you think
  • Provide a responsive service where issues are resolved at the first point of contact wherever possible
  • Be polite, helpful, sensitive and discreet in all our dealings with you
  • Treat you fairly and equally, communicating in plain language
  • Keep your information safe
  • Respond to routine enquiries promptly or tell you why it will take longer. Urgent enquiries will be responded to as a priority, and we will keep you informed of progress
  • Use customer views including complaints to help improve and shape future service delivery
  • Check regularly that the terms of our Charter are being delivered to you. Where we have fallen short, we will address this

Further Information

As well as these corporate standards which apply across the Council, detailed service standards also apply to individual services.

For further information, please visit the Moray Council Customer Care page or call 01343 543451

Other formats

This document can be provided in large print, Braille or on audio cassette and can be translated into other community languages.

Moray Council Cares

This Charter reflects our corporate values and details our commitment to putting customer needs at the heart of service delivery.

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