Customer Care

Moray Council cares about what our customers think. We want to put customers at the heart of our services, and aim to give those who receive services from us:

  • Options in how they access our services, whether this is by telephone, online, in writing or face to face
  • Services that are designed around their needs, taking their views into account
  • A  responsive service, where issues are resolved at the first point of contact whenever possible
  • A consistent customer experience in line with corporate customer care standards

To achieve this, we have developed a Customer Focus Strategy (PDF) and a Customer Charter.  

The Strategy provides a route map showing how the Council will listen to and learn from our customers, improving services and the Charter describes the standards which we promise to meet, depending on how you contact us.

Service Charters

The Council’s Customer Charter sets out the minimum standards which all our services promise to meet.

In some areas,  higher standards may either be prescribed nationally or be set out as part of a wider service pledge.  

In the case of Council Housing Services, the Social Housing Charter sets out the national standards which apply.

In the case of telephone calls routed through the Council’s Customer Contact Centre, we aim to answer most calls within 20 seconds.  

In the case of Building Standards, the Building Standards Customer Charter applies.

Finally, for planning control and enforcement,  the Development Management Charter sets out the relevant service standards

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