When to use the Wellbeing Web

The wellbeing web is designed to be used as soon as possible after a new individual becomes involved with the service.  It helps to create a ‘baseline’ to measure progress and change.

The wellbeing web can also be used in focussed work with children and adults over a longer term. For example :

  • Where there is a significant change in circumstances ie delivery of a new service
  • A significant event or a change to the child’s plan

The wellbeing web can be used to help identify key issues as they arise. The model is solution focussed in its approach and invites collaborative working between individuals and practitioners. The process fully engages the child and their carer in identifying the outcomes most important to them and whilst this must be balanced with the broader assessment of need, this can be used as motivational enhancement in direct work.

The wellbeing web can be used with an individual. It may also be used separately with their parent or carer. The web can highlight differences in individual priorities and feelings and help focus discussion and planning. When the web is being used in this way, consent to share the findings with the carer or child must be obtained prior to any discussion.

The wellbeing web is an additional tool in the practitioner’s ‘toolkit’. This will not replace current local systems to record outcomes but may be used to supplement and enhance them.

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