How to review outcomes using the Wellbeing Web

1. Take a fresh copy of the web and follow the steps above. This should be done without reference to the previous readings. This way the previous readings will not influence the review.

2. Add the new scores to the previously completed wellbeing web and join them using a different colour to see how the shape has changed. Discuss the overall picture and how this has changed since the last review (see Wellbeing Web).

3. The aim of reviewing the wellbeing web is about identifying key areas for change (both areas of strength and areas of pressure) and not about striving to progress to number 10 on the web! In many cases, there will be little movement and the desired outcome may be for maintenance and not progress.

Questions to ask :
• What has changed – both positively and negatively?
• How do you feel about what you see?
• Does what you see on the web fit with your own sense of how things have changed?
• In light of the wellbeing web, what goals would you like to set for the coming weeks and months?

When positive changes occur (or when progress is maintained), reviews of the web can be helpful in reinforcing positive change. Where there is regression in an area, the discussion should focus on what needs to change and what is achievable in order to reach a desired outcome.

4. No more than three reviews should be included on the one wellbeing web as it becomes difficult to see the shapes. If there is ongoing review then a new web should be created.

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