Moray Council - Trading Standards Fees

Trading Standards charges for the Financial years - 2023/24



1.  Delays caused by the customer which are reasonably foreseeable and preventable will be charged at hourly rate.

2.  Out of Hours Work before 8am or after 6pm, Monday to Friday, or any time on a Saturday - 50% to be added to fee and call out charge. Sundays and bank holidays work - 100% to be added to fee and call out charge.

3.  Work carried out under the Measuring Instruments (EEC Requirements) Regs 1988 is not subject to VAT.

4.  For any services or items not listed, please contact Trading Standards for a quote.

Weights and Measures

Item Cost 2023/24

Measuring Instruments for Liquid Fuels and Lubricants:

Per nozzle

Testing of Credit Card acceptor (per unit regardless of number of nozzles)




Weights submitted for test:

Weights not exceeding 25kg (first)





Weighing Instruments:

Not exceeding 15kg

Not exceeding 100kg

Not exceeding 2 tonne

Exceeding 2 tonnes (where the submitter provides labour and testing equipment)

Exceeding 2 tonnes (where Trading Standards provides labour and testing equipment)






By quotation - full cost recovery

Road Tanker - Liquid Fuel Measuring Instrument above 100 Litres:

Wet Hose (2 testing liquids)

Wet Hose (3 testing liquids)




Other Services:

Certificate of Errors or Calibration Certificate on test of weighing/measuring equipment

Hire of weights per day - quantity not exceeding 250kg

Hire of weights per day - quantity exceeding 250kg





Weighbridge operator competence test and certificate £80.00

Hourly rate and minimum call out charge for services not listed above:

Trading Standards Officer

Support Officer




Petroleum, Explosives and Fireworks - Licenses and Registrations

Fees will be the maximum prescribed by the Health and Safety (Fees) Regulations in force at the time of issue.  

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