Grit Bins in Moray

Grit Bins have been provided at strategic locations around Moray. These may be used by anyone to assist with gritting of public roads and footways, footpaths and cycle tracks, and are not for use on private paths and driveways.

The location of Road Maintenance grit bins can be viewed in the map below, or alternatively, you can find your nearest grit bin by entering your postcode on our Find My Nearest tool.

You can view a list of our grit bins in Appendix G of the Winter Service Operational Plan

How to request a new Grit Bin


You can search or navigate the map below to view the location of existing grit bins (marked with an orange dot).  If you click on an existing grit bin a menu will open from which you can choose to report a problem with that bin, or request that it is refilled.

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