Winter Service Operational Plan

The Winter Service Operational Plan contains the winter service policy, treatment levels, priorities, gritting/ploughing routes, etc. All files are downloadable pdfs.

Abridged Version (uncontrolled) - Updated for 2023/24 Season

Part 1 Policy
Part 2 Treatments
Part 3 Operational Procedures
Appendix A Gritting Routes
Appendix B Gritting Routes (Variations)
Appendix C Priority for Rural Roads
Appendix D Priority for Urban Roads and Footpaths / Cycle Tracks
Appendix E Not Used
Appendix F Priority for Car Parks
Appendix G Location of Grit Bins
Appendix H Plant and Equipment
Appendix I Salt Stock Levels
Appendix J Arrangements with Third Parties
Appendix K Location of Snow/Ice Warning Signs and Snow Gates


Appendices L to V are not included in the abridged copy of the Winter Service Operational Plan

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