LED Spend to Save

As part of the Capital Plan 2015/16, The Moray Council approved a ‘spend to save’ scheme in a bid to reduce its high electricity bills for street lighting.

All of the old-style orange/yellow lanterns currently in use across Moray are being replaced by more efficient and long-lasting LED units. Following trials of the new technology in some smaller settlements, the scheme is now being rolled out across Moray.

In addition to lower energy costs, LED lighting units also provide visible improvements, such as colours appearing more natural and reduced light spill (into windows, gardens and the night sky)

While undertaking this scheme, the Street Lighting team will also look at ways to improve areas where the existing lighting no longer meets current standards, ensuring an even spread of light along both footpath and carriageway.

Energy Bill for Street Lighting (2014/15) £706,000
Spend to Save Scheme Cost £5.5m
Approx Energy Saving 50%
Approx Carbon Footprint Saving 2000 tonnes

The combined effect of reduced maintenance costs, reduced energy costs and carbon reduction should save the council approximately £20 million over the next 20 years

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