Making or amending your application

Make an Application for a Building Warrant

Your application must include a copy of all plans. Plans must be drawn to a recognised metric scale and should include a site and location plan clearly indicating the property to which the application relates. This application must also include the appropriate fee (PDF).  

You must notify us at each of the following stages of your building project: 

  • Start of work
  • Drainage
  • Completion of Work
  • and at any other stage highlighted on your Construction Compliance and Notification Plan (CCNP).

Apply online Download application form (PDF)

Please note: Payments for online applications are now working however, when you click Accept, it takes about 2-3seconds for the Submit button to appear.

Make an Amendment to a Building Warrant

As work progresses you may decide, for many reasons, that you wish to build certain parts differently from that previously approved. In these circumstances it will be necessary to consult a Building Standards Officer. It is very important that such deviations are approved before carrying out the work to ensure there is no breach of the Building Regulations. The process is similar to the original Building Warrant application.

Make an amendment online Download amendment form (PDF)

Starting Works

Your Building Warrant is valid for three years from the date of approval. You can start work at any time within this period, however, work must be completed and a Completion Certificate accepted before your Building Warrant expires and plenty of time should be given for carrying out the building work.

You must ensure that any other consents required such as Planning Permission and/or Listed Building Consent have been obtained before work progresses.

The work start notification form received with your Building Warrant should be returned within 7 days of the work starting.

The works in progress may be inspected periodically by a Building Standards Officer but the number of inspections will be determined by the complexity of the work.

IMPORTANT: If you are having construction or refurbishment work done, you may need to notify the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) and you may have other duties as well. Visit their website to find out more.


It is a legal requirement that new drainage is inspected and tested before backfilling of the trenches etc.  It is your responsibility to have the test set up ready for inspection by Building Standards. Please give us at least 24 hours notice.

Completing the Work

On completion of your building project you must submit a Completion Certificate to our Building Standards section to confirm that you have carried out all works in conformity with your Building Warrant. Before your Completion Certificate is accepted it is likely that an inspection of the works will be carried out to confirm that this is correct and Building Regulations have been complied with.

Submit your Completion Certificate online Download Completion Certificate submission (PDF)

Where electrical work has also been carried out an Electrical Certificate (PDF) should be completed by your electrician and submitted with your Completion Certificate.

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