Building Warrant - Exemptions

Check if you need a building warrant

A building warrant is generally required to erect, alter, extend, convert or demolish a building.

If you carry out work that requires a building warrant without first obtaining a warrant, you are committing an offence. You may be liable to a fine of up to £5,000. If you have inadvertently started before applying, you must declare this on the application form.

Building work that does not need a Building Warrant

A building warrant is not required for some types of work to certain types of buildings. If a Building Warrant is not required it will either fall within Regulation 3 exempted buildings and services, fittings and equipment or Regulation 5 buildings work, services, fitting and equipment not requiring a warrant. If work falls within Regulation 5, although a Building Warrant is not required, the works must still comply with the Building Regulations. It is the responsibility of the owner to ensure this work complies.

Further guidance on works can be found on The Scottish Government website.

Contact us to discuss your proposal
You can contact us to discuss your project to establish if the works require a Building Warrant. Email and telephone contact information can be found on the contact details page.

Written confirmation of Exemption

To obtain written confirmation of exemption from us to retain with your records should you ever sell the property, please send this Building Standard Enquiry Form  to us along with any relevant plans, photos and other supporting information.

Please Note - the charge for a formal response is £66.

Alternative Statutory Permissions

Remember also to make contact with the Planning Team to discuss the need for planning permission for your project.

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