Find your Polling Place

We have 58 polling places in the Moray Council area. Every voter lives in a polling district and is assigned to a specific polling place to vote, if they choose to vote in person.

The map tool below can help you locate your polling place using your home address or the first elector number (your unique number on the electoral register found on your polling card during an election).

Using your home address

  •  Enter your address in search box and select your address from the search suggestions which appear below as you type. 
  •  This will zoom and identify your polling district and ward and the name and address of your polling place.
  •  Links to further information about your polling place is provided in the search result

Using your elector number

You need the first part of your elector number, found on correspondence from the Electoral Registration Office or your pollcard during an election.

You will require either the polling district code from the map above or the first part of your electoral number. Your electoral number is a six digit number starting with a 'MM' or 'BM' and would look a bit like this "MM0506/127". 

To find your Polling Place look at the first part of this number, this is the part of the number which shows which polling district you live in, a bit like a postcode. e.g. in this example MM0506 and enter the code in the search box and select the code from the suggestions. This will zoom and identify the polling place. Click on the arrow to obtain further information.

To download or access web services for the mapping data please access our open mapping data portal.

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