Dallas Flood Alleviation Scheme, April - June 2017


In August 2014 a major flooding event occurred in Dallas from the River Lossie, which has been estimated to be 1 in 1000 years. The flooding caused approximately £600,000 of damage to properties and infrastructure.

In November 2015 Moray Council approved a scheme to construct an embankment set-back from the river and allocated a budget of £300,000. The scheme will provide protection up to approximately a 1 in 1000 year flood event (which equates to a 0.1% chance of it occurring in any given year) including an allowance for climate change.

Balfour Beatty, who successfully constructed the Newmill FPS phase 2 in late 2016, have been selected as the contractor using our existing framework agreement with them.

The embankment will be a maximum of 1.2m high, 440 metres long and will extend beyond the north east of the village to ensure water does not return along the road. Material for construction will be won from an area of high ground in the field south west of Dallas. Ground investigations have concluded that the surrounding area consists mainly of sandy gravel, which is adequate for the construction of the embankment. This will be supplemented by a Bentonite clay geotextile buried along the length of the embankment to act as a cut off for water seepage. A filter drain will also be placed along the dry side of the embankment to allow surface water to drain.

Work started on the 17th April 2017 with a few days of snow causing some initial delays, which shouldn’t impact the project completion due in early June 2017. Foundations for the embankment have been completed and the contractor is now starting excavation and formation of the first layers of the embankment.

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