Placing Requests for Children with ASN

If your child has additional support needs you can make a placing request to any of our schools. Every secondary school and eight of our primary schools - one in each ASG - have enhanced provision to meet the requirements of pupils with the most severe and complex needs.

How to make a placing request:

  • Apply using the School Registration and Placing Request Form (PDF)
  • Our Education Support Officer for Additional Support Needs (ESO ASN) may assess your request with your child’s Named Person, Lead Professional or Team Around The Child
  • In some instances, there will be further consideration given to whether the requested school has capacity to meet the needs of the pupil
  • This final decision will be made by a panel of relevant professionals
  • A decision on requests will be made within two calendar months
  • All placing requests will be granted unless there are clear grounds for refusal

Find out more detailed information about placing requests for children with additional support needs

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