School Tranport for Children with ASN

All school children who live more than two miles from their catchment school are eligible for school transport. Some children with additional support needs may be eligible for transport within the two mile zone with assisted/special transport.

The application process for ASN school transport

Step 1: An application for assisted/special transport arrangements must be recommended by any member of the Team around the Child (TAC) and should be discussed at a multiagency review meeting.

Step2: If your application is recommended at the review meeting, your child’s school will provide you with the PTU 101 form to complete, as well as information on parental responsibilities and pupil conduct.

Step 3: The PTU 101 form should be completed by both you and your child’s school. The school will pass it to the Education Support Officer(ASN) to complete the process.

Step 4: On approval, the school will contact you and our Public Transport Officer (PTO Education) will arrange appropriate transport. A school bus pass and contact information for the operator will be sent to you so that you can find out collection and drop-off times.

Please note: ASN school transport is provided to meet the needs of your child.  It is not an automatic entitlement and is not used to address any parental need.

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