LR200 - Land at Fieldhead Farm

Install an Orenda 49kw wind turbine (rotor diameter 18.9M) on Land at Fieldhead, Newmill, Keith, Moray.

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Application No: 17/01591/APP


Date Type of Document Document Name
01/03/18 Notice Notice of Review
Grounds for Review and Supporting Documents
05/03/18 Letters Applicant: Acknowledgement
Development Management: Notification
Interested Parties: Notification
07/03/18 Documents Development Management: Documents
19/03/18 Documents Interested Party - Further Representation
19/03/18 Letters Applicant: Further Representation Notification
03/04/18 Letters Applicant: Committee Notification
Interested Parties: Committee Notification
06/04/18 Letters Applicant: Site Visit Notification
10/05/18 Notice Decision Notice

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