Garden Waste Permits

Apply for a Garden Waste Permit

The annual charge for garden waste permits for 2024-25 is £50 per brown bin. There is no maximum number of brown bins per property, but you must apply for a permit for each brown bin if it is being used for garden waste.

We'll only collect your garden waste if it's placed in the brown bin, and the bin displays a valid permit. If you use your brown bin just for food waste, this service will still be free.

Apply and pay for your permit online today using our online form. Register or log in to myaccount to keep track of all your online requests, and we'll populate your forms with your details to save you re-typing them.

Once you have paid for your permit, you will receive it by post. You should write your address on it with permanent marker in the space provided and then attach it to the back of the bin under the handle before you put it out for collection.

If you apply for your garden waste permit by 5 March 2024, you should receive it in time for the first collection on 1 April 2024. Applications received after 5 March 2023 will be processed and posted after 1 April. This may take up to 10 working days.

If you haven’t bought a permit, you can compost your garden waste at home, or take it to your nearest recycling centre.

Due to health and safety the lifters on the collection vehicles can only lift bins that weigh less than 100kg. Therefor if your bin is too heavy it will not be emptied and some of the waste will need to be removed prior to the next collection day. Any additional garden waste can be taken to the recycling centres free of charge or alternatively you can compost it at home.

Further information
If you would like more information please read our frequently asked questions. You can read the Garden Waste Permits Privacy Notice here.

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