Moray has 8 wards, each represented by 3 or 4 elected members. Ward boundaries are determined by Boundaries Scotland.

Enter your postcode to find a list of your councillors. If you are unsure of which ward you live in, use the online ward boundary map tool.

Elected members

Moray Council has a minority administration formed of 9 Conservative councillors. 

The Leader is Councillor Kathleen Robertson (Scottish Conservative and Unionist) and the Depute Leader is Councillor Donald Gatt (Scottish Conservative and Unionist).

The composition of the Council can be found here.

There are 26 elected members in Moray Council. They are elected when the public vote at local government elections.

Civic Leader

The Civic Leader is the Civic Head of the Council. Already elected by the public, he or she is then elected by other councillors to become Civic Leader. The current Civic Leader is Councillor John Cowe (Independent).

Leader of the Council

The Leader of the Council is an elected member who has been selected by Members of the Council. The current Leader is Councillor Kathleen Robertson (Scottish Conservative and Unionist).

The responsibilities of the Leader of the Council transcend those of individual members of the Council – and the particular service responsibilities of other individual Chairs – and extend to corporate responsibility for the vision, policies, strategies and consequent decisions of the whole Council.

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