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Instrumental Music Instruction

Learning to play a musical instrument is a lifelong skill - one that helps to develop learning across all subjects, as well as developing confidence, resilience, responsibility, social skills and wellbeing. Music helps build links between literacy and numeracy, helping to develop thinking and problem solving skills, as well as physical co-ordination and fine motor skills. Learning to play a musical instrument also helps to improve mood whilst the commitment and responsibility required to succeed are important characteristics in life after school.

Lessons are 30 minutes long, take place in school during normal school hours and are delivered on a weekly basis by qualified and experienced professional instructors. In line with the Scottish Government’s commitment to abolish fees for instrumental music tuition in schools there will be no charge for instrumental music instruction for 2023-24. The Scottish Government is committed to working with local authorities to develop a model for a long-term sustainable instrumental music tuition service which includes sustainable funding arrangements.

New pupils most often start in group lessons and are offered the loan of a Moray Council instrument and reasonable maintenance free of charge. 

Instructors currently offer violin, cello, brass, woodwind, drum kit and tuned percussion, however provision may vary in some schools dependent upon availability of instruments or timetabling and cannot be guaranteed in every school.

Strings (violin, viola & cello) P3 onwards
Woodwind (flute, clarinet, saxophone, bassoon) P4 onwards
Brass (trumpet, trombone, French horn, tuba) P4 onwards
Percussion (drum kit and tuned percussion) S1 onwards

Occasionally there are opportunities for pupils to start in later years - this is dependant on instructor timetables.

In addition to lessons, there are many opportunities for children and young people to participate in various ensembles, including Moray Music Centre or extra-curricular school groups. Participation not only improves and develops a young person’s playing but also gives them an opportunity to meet others with a similar interest. If you would like more information on the Moray Music Centre please ask your child’s music instructor or click here.

You may also wish to note that there are a number of ways in which your child can seek certification through the Scottish Qualifications Authority (S4 and above) or through the graded examinations run at a national level, e.g. Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music.

For regular updates, new and media please follow our Facebook page (@MorayMusicCentre). 

Is your child interested in learning to play a musical instrument?

Registration for 2023-24 is now open.

Developing the skills and knowledge required to play a musical instrument is achieved only after regular focused practise. The parent/carer role in the progress of a child is very important - parents/carers should be prepared to support and encourage their child to practise regularly. 

Please note, demand for music instruction is extremely high, therefore, due to resources and timetabling instructors may not be able to accommodate all pupils on their chosen instrument – in this case, interested children will be added to a waiting list. Parents/carers will be notified if/when a suitable space becomes available. Availability of instruments/instruction cannot be guaranteed in every school. Children or young people previously offered instruction or currently taking instruction on another instrument will not be considered.

There are a very limited number of spaces for instrumental music instruction 2023-24. In order to best manage this, music instructors will be only share the Registration of Interest link with children in schools where they have or are able to offer spaces. Information will be primarily shared via email. Paper forms are available on request. For more information please contact your school's administrator. 

Parents/carers should only submit one Registration of Interest per child - only one Registration of Interest per child will be considered.

For more information, to discuss instrumental music instruction or to request paper copies of the above forms in an alternative language please contact

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