Fostering scheme and allowances

You’ll receive support and allowances throughout your fostering career. Our fostering scheme has four levels, and you can choose to undertake training to advance through them:

Level 1: Applies to all newly approved foster carers (excluding specific recruitment)
Level 2: You regularly have children/young people in placement
Level 3: You are willing to care for children with more complex needs/behaviours including older children/sibling groups
Level 4: You care for the children and young people who display the most complex behaviours/needs including older children

There are additional criteria for moving through the levels, and you’ll evidence your learning before progressing.

Weekly fostering allowances

Age 0-4                  £142.86               
Age 5-10                £162.73
Age 11-15              £202.58
Age 16+                 £264.44

We also pay fees which vary depending on the skills levels and experience carers have.  The fees range from £102.02 to £673.27 per week depending on skills levels and number of children in placement.

There will be times when we will specifically recruit to levels 3 and 4 to meet the needs of children and young people who require long term/permanent care will be required and for children who have complex or challenging needs.  Specific recruitment will include an intensive assessment process and carers progressing through advanced training prior to matching.  Carers will work as part of a team within placement services.

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