Throughcare & Aftercare Service

The following explanation of what the Throughcare & Aftercare service is comes from the "Pathways" handbook

What is Throughcare?

Throughcare is the on-going preparation and support for young people who have been looked after and may soon be making the transition to live more independently.

It is not possible to put an age on when throughcare support and preparation should begin and end. This should depend on the young person and their individual needs. It can depend on a young person's own circumstances, their level of maturity and emotional development.

If throughcare preparation and life skills development start at a younger age, it is better than leaving it until it is too late for a young person to develop a range of independent living skills. It is also important that they feel emotionally ready to move on.

Service providers and carers should try to create a positive throughcare culture and approach, where young people are prepared and clear plans are made, well in advance of any move.

What is Aftercare?

This is the continuing support, planning and guidance for a young person who has left care or a supported living environment.

It can mean supporting young people in practical matters such as setting up home, budgeting skills, seeking employment, continuing education and can offer encouragement for developing their own social networks and interpersonal skills.

Ideally, some aftercare should continue to be offered by the workers or carers from the place where the young person has just moved from or from a specialist team. These people are often the ones with whom the young person has built relationships and feel comfortable with.

Aftercare should meet a young person's identified needs by providing a suitable package of support for as long as required..

Supported Lodgings Project

The Supported Lodgings Project aims to provide young people with the opportunity to move out of care into a supportive environment, in preparation for moving onto independent living. Accommodation would be offered for varying periods of time, dependant on the young person’s needs and progress. During these placements both the provider and the young person will continue to be supported by workers from the Moray Aftercare Service.

Duty Service

The Throughcare & Aftercare Duty Service is held every Wednesday from 9.30am to 12noon. You can use this time to meet with a worker to gain assistance or guidance with anything from completing forms to housing problems, finances and even health issues. It is run on a first come, first serve basis so you may have to wait to see a member of the team. If you can’t make it into the office you can call between the stated times to speak to a worker. If no-one is available when you call you can leave a message and someone will call you back as soon as they become free. Tel: 01343 563568 Email:

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